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AA (Because of the sensitive nature of the work and place, AL-I cannot reveal this identity) 
AA was rescued from the bondage of Islam as a teenager and spent the following years surviving innumerable plots to her life. As a result, God instilled a passion to reach children through education, and after many years, parents have come to trust her. These parents have chosen to send their children to AA for their education. Not only does AA care for their little bodies and minds, but for their soul’s spiritual food as well. 

AL-I and others who share AA's passion, provide financial support for food, clothing, teacher salaries, fans for the cramped school rooms (AA's house), white boards and desks for the children.  Many of these families, depend on day-to-day earning and with inflation are unable to provide basic necessities like food.  A hungry child does not make for a good student. Some have even lost their home; AA has been there to assist whenever the funds were available. 

At AA’s School, both skill acquisition and formal education are combined to empower girls. The vulnerability of women and girls in Northern Nigeria is likened to ‘endangered species’ that struggle daily to survive. Consequently, with skill acquisition, the girls are groomed into independent, self-reliant and employers of labor. These eventually reduce the menace of girl-child marriages and give the girls room to make decisions that concerns every area of their lives including who to marry and the God to serve. 

AA’s influence on these children is immeasurable, not only for eternity but for the present, bringing dignity to the person and respect for the life of another person. This ministry is Influencing a generation who will turn the tide of violence in Nigeria and other West African Countries.

ACTS, African Center for Theological Studies, is a seminary in Lagos for training the next generation of leaders to transform African societies for God's Kingdom. Our relationship started with Dr. William Udotong over 10 years ago. He is now the Vice Provost for Academics at the seminary. ACTS fits right into AL-I's mission of training African leaders with integrity and vision. The goal is to get men and women to think Biblically and to act with integrity within the leadership roles to which God has called them. 

Dr. Cellamare has had the privilege of being an adjunct professor for various courses. Al-I has identified several well-gifted individuals to participate in this process. Together with our allies, many students have been able to attend because of scholarships which help to defray the cost of receiving a seminary education. The multiplication of this training is staggering because many of these students are in positions of leadership. The time and money investments are priceless. It is also a privilege to co-sponsor the annual Pastors conference at ACTS and to participate when asked.

The impact you have as an ally for these initiatives is eternal.  Please consider how you can be a part of these ministries.  Go to the home page and fill out the information and donate.