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African Leadership Initiatives is privileged to be involved with dynamic African ministry leaders within the countries of West Africa. These passionate men and women are making a difference in the lives of those God has brought into their sphere of influence. 

The following paragraphs give a brief description for each of these Initiatives.



(Because of the sensitive nature of the work and place, AL-I cannot reveal this identity)
AA was rescued from the bondage of Islam as a teenager and spent the following years surviving innumerable plots to AA's life. As a result, God instilled a passion to reach children through education, and after many years, parents have come to trust AA. These parents have chosen to send their children to AA for their education. Not only does AA care for their little bodies and mind, but for their souls spiritual food as well.

AL-I and others who have shared AA's passion provide financial support for food, clothing, teacher salaries, fans for the cramped school rooms(AA's house), white boards and desks for the children. The government has required additional items such as face masks and disinfecting stations. Many of these families, who depend on day to day earnings, have not been able to work, therefore food has been one the biggest needs. Some have even lost their home, AA has been there to assist whenever the funds were available.


African Centre For Theological Studies (ACTS)

ACTS is a seminary in Lagos for training the next generation of leaders to transform African societies for God's Kingdom. ACTS fits right into AL-I's mission of training African leaders with integrity and vision. The goal is to get men and women to think Biblically and to act with integrity within the leadership roles to which God has called them.

Dr. Cellamare has had the privilege of being an adjunct professor for various courses. Al-I has identified several well-gifted individuals to participate in this process. Together with our allies, many students have been able to attend because of scholarships which help to defray the cost of receiving a seminary education. The multiplication of this training is staggering because many of these students are in positions of leadership. The time and money investment is priceless.


M.A.C. Ministries

Joseph Koroma has a discipleship and church planting ministry in Sierra Leone. He is passionate about reaching into the remotest part of Sierra Leone. Many of these villages he and his teams reach are predominently Muslim. Christians comprise 22% of the population. These church planting teams must have a Biblical foundation in order to bring long lasting and effective change to these remote villages. AL-I together with others are in partnership in training church planters to be equipped for such a mission. There are no schools or churches in many of these villages. AL-I sees this as a great opportunity to meet the needs which will effectively engage the Muslim community.


Rev. Adams Shaba PhD

Rev. Shaba leads a training centre in Jos Plateau State in Nigeria. Shaba is a Muslim Background Believer, MBB. His training centre works with new converts and those who are being discipled receive intense training and support. The training centre is in need of protection from some of the local militants as well as the nomadic tribes looking for areas to graze their cattle. We have been able to provide financial assistance for a wall protecting the compound, as well as a clean water well that services the local community. AL-I considers this a privilege to join Rev. Shaba in this Kingdom work.


Sankofa Farms

This is an amazing organic farming operation started by a dynamic young Liberian lady on her grandfathers farm. "Farming for Food Sovereignty in Africa" is a great description of this operation.

Not only does Nyamah Dunbar want to provide physical food for Liberia full of natural nutrients, it is her goal to provide spiritual nourishment through the unadulterated word of God for the families under her care. It is Ms. Dunbar's desire that this reach into the local community in which the farms are located.

Farming in Liberia is challenging. The cost for machinery to clear the land is expensive, and so it requires a lot of hands on intensive work. The vegetables and fruit are being planted, but meat is scarce, so there is a need for animals to add to this production. We are happy to be part of this exciting adventure and are asking for allies to join this amazing journey.