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AFRICAN LEADERSHIP - INITIATIVES (AL-I) is a non-profit ministry with the purpose of identifying and investing in strategic West African leaders and organizations to advance the Kingdom of God in West African nations. Our focus is pursuing proven indigenous Christian leaders who have a passion for ministry. AL-I becomes an ally by providing support through education, leadership development, personal and organizational leadership and funding. It is the goal of AL-I to link these leaders with other like-minded people across the globe. 

Dr. Alan and Paula Cellamare began their work in West Africa in 2015 after spending years in the field of educational training. During the first couple of years, Alan and Paula met many Godly men and women with a passion for reaching Africa and beyond with the Gospel. God has led them to identify various leaders from different backgrounds and countries in West Africa, helping them to identify the areas of need then working to engage like-minded people around the globe. AL-I's desire is to see indigenous leaders fulfilling their God-calling. AL-I's heartbeat is to see people from different tribes and nations working together, using their gifts, both financial and spiritual, to see the Kingdom of God advanced in real time.

The work of AL-I involves cities in West African countries including villages in the remotest areas. Many of these villages have no Christian presence but that does not deter these passionate ministry leaders in their commitment to carry the Gospel wherever God leads. There is a great need for church planters, for schools, for training centers to disciple new converts through God's word. African Leadership Initiatives has identified indigenous leader already in place. Our mission is to identify people who want to play an active roll in this exciting mission field. Is that you? You, together with us can pour your time and resources into these Africans already in ministry. There is no better return for your investment.

Dr. Alan Cellamare's academic career has spanned 34 years. After almost a decade with a multi-national oil company, God called him into full time ministry. Many of those years were spent in formal educational settings, doing advancement work and teaching. The call to West Africa is exciting for Alan and Paula which they see as a culmination of many years together in various settings of ministry. This is a continuation of ministry gifts. Alan and Paula do not view AL-I as their ministry, but as a collective ministry with those who desire to serve God together reaching the fertile fields in West Africa.